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3 Tips to Incredible Email Response Rates

Your prospects are receiving hundreds of emails a day, your email has no hope. So how do we increase our odds? We keep the emails short and sweet. I like to call the strategy: Quick, Casual, Actionable.



No one has time to read your email, your lucky to get 100 words of their time, so act accordingly. Don’t mention anything that won’t get the prospect to click your link or open your attachment, all the other words are delivered on your website, so just get them there.

Many marketing teams in the aerospace industry use our product as a way to

Just tell them what you do, and get them to click on your link.



Being casual is the best way to have a prospect actually want to reply to you or set up a time to discuss further. This means you have to stop using buzzwords and means you have to relax your language.

Here is a line that we found works great for us: If you think this might be a good fit, give our free trial a go.

NOT: I think our solution may be of value to you and your colleagues, we also offer a free 14-day risk free trial that you can take advantage of.



Making your email actionable is not the same as including a call to action. Having an actionable email is what allows you to be so quick and casual in your email.

Let the prospect learn more if they want to. Fit what your product does in just one sentence.

Torch scans through your email and finds prospects that you haven’t followed up with enough, users are always surprised to find the amount of good leads they are forgetting about.
Here’s a link to our website:
This email is actionable because it lacks further information. It’s a teaser for more to come on your website.

We get it, you have the best words. 

But I urge you to stop trying to prove that with your prospects and witness your response rates improve.


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