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As our prospects lives are busier than ever, follow-up is what sets good reps apart. Find out if your team is following-up below!

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The Follow-up Facts

The truth is, most sales teams suck at following up.

Reps that follow-up 4-7 times see a 300% better response rate than reps who follow-up 0-2 times.

In today's world, follow-up is more important than ever before. Our prospects lives are busier than ever and you must be persistent to break through the noise. The data backs this up.

Only 48% of sales reps ever follow-up with a prospect.

The bad news is that most sales reps suck at follow-up! The majority of sales reps send an outreach with no follow-up afterwards. This is detrimental to your sales teams potential.

Less than 30% of sales reps follow-up more than once.

If you're a persistent sales rep, you're in the minority. The good news is, there's a fix. Torch tells your team exactly who they need to follow-up with and when, no effort required.

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