We have countless use cases, here are a few.

Find out who needs follow-up on a weekly basis

Conduct a scan every week to find which prospects you need to be following-up with.

Go way back

Go months or years in history to find prospect that were missed out on, try to spark up new conversations. You can also view all prospects who replied to you in that time, you might find some gold in there.

Find the low hanging fruit

Do a Torch scan for prospects that you only sent 1 outreach to, 50% of these prospects never even saw that email! You can reach out to this list of almost untouched leads.

Team member left your company

Do a scan of their email to find prospects that have recently replied, and who needs follow-up. Let the rest of the team follow-up on these opportunities and cash in on the inbox.

Reignite bounced emails

Reached out to a prospect only to have the email bounce, and then forget about the opportunity? Do a scan of your email and Torch will display bounced prospects, then, use our email finder to get the correct email.

Heavily targeted in your outreach

Do you like to have personalized outreach but feel it slows you down? Do a scan of your email and navigate to the need follow-up folder, then click through these emails to quickly follow-up.

Organization-wide response match

Using Torch, turn on the organization wide response match. This toggle means Torch won't remind you to follow-up with a prospect if anyone at an organization has already gotten back to you.

Keep a clean CRM

After reaching out to a prospect and having their email bounce, few reps go and delete the contact from their CRM. Torch gives you a folder of all prospects that have bounced so you can go and clear them from your CRM.

Not sure you have the right email?

Use our email verifier to quickly check if the email will deliver to the prospect or not, right from your email.

Follow-up on the go

With the daily follow-up digest, we deliver your hottest opportunities to your inbox. These emails let you instantly follow-up with prospects from your phone.

Find any email

Use our email finder to quickly find your prospects email address so you can reach out quickly.

Your daily call list

Never worry about making a call list again. Torch will email you your hottest opportunites daily, this is your new call list!

Do you have an interesting way you use Torch?

Send us an e-mail, we'd love to hear from you!